Graduated from the HS of Art & Design, studied at SVA, NYC, under Gilbert Stone and Jonathan Borofsky

Des Nuages and other Recent Works, Kirk Jewelers, Miami

SPECTRUM Miami 2019
Magic, Quests & Miracles, Artwood Project, Miami

Mingus’ Cumbia I & II, and other Recent Works, RINCK, Paris, curated by Héléne Desmazières

Celebrating 40 Years of Painting: The Keys of Life, Atelier Interior Design Gallery, NYDC, NYC

Privacy and other Recent Works, Poltrona Frau, NYC
No Regrets, Atelier Interior Design Gallery, NYDC, NYC
Comfort / Calins and other Recent Works, ArtSee Gallery, NYC, curated by Delah Mckay 
The Dream Stelae, Earth2Mars Gallery, NYC
Courage, Nexus Projects Gallery, NYC 
The Inauguration of Orion the Hunter, Caliban, NYC, curated by Les Barany 
Ritchard Rodriguez, Sterling Sound Gallery, NYC
Heroines & Villainesses, Part I and II, Atelier International Gallery, NYC, curated by Carole Jones
Hic Et Ubique, Lavignes-Bastille 5, Paris
The Clash of Erotic & Industrial Rhythms, La Mama La Galleria, NYC
Crimes du coeur, Théatre de la Potiniere, Paris
Ritchard Rodriguez, Galerie Michel Ozenne, Paris
Unsere Frau, Galerie Continental, West Berlin 

Artists & Charities – Hand in Hand Fine Art Show, West Palm Beach Convention Center

Saramago (for Jose) and Recent Works, MB-XL Galerie, Brussels, curated by Paloma de Boismorel
ArtExpo NYC 2016, represented by AVA Galleria

Ritchard Rodriguez, Recent Works, Colorida Gallery, Lisbon 
ArtExpo NYC 2014, represented by AVA Galleria
Curate NYC 2013, The Durst Organization & chashama, Condé Nast, NYC, curated by Janusz Jaworski
Tria Summer Cocktail VII, Tria Gallery in Chelsea, NYC 
East Village All Stars, Dorian Grey Gallery, NYC, curated by Christopher Pusey
Paintings and Photography, Mantis Collective Gallery, Harrisburg, PA, curated by Andrew Guth & Tara Chickey
A Summer Exhibition of Gallery Artists, Sutton Art Gallery, NYC, curated by Enrique Cubillas
Latin American Art Show, NYC, curated by Angela Royo Serpa
Auction Sale of Contemporary Artwork, La Maison de Vie FAM, Monaco, curated by M-L Lesaffre
Kingdom of Fear, The Puffin Room Gallery, NYC, curated by Carl Rosenstein 
Nude Portraits, Barthelemy / Salomon Gallery, NYC
Pier Show 11, The Brooklyn Painters Show & The Solo Works Show, BWAC, NYC 
Paradigms Lost: Art, Ambiguity & The Decoding of The Unforeseen, The New Yorker Gallery, NYC
To Honor Don Pullen: From Gospel to the Globe, The Jazz Gallery, NYC, curated by Dale Fitzgerald
Vision 21, La Mama La Galleria Artists, The Tunnel, NYC, Curated by Leeza Ahmady
Styles & Aesthetics VIII, La Mama La Galleria, NYC, Curated by Lawry Smith
Grace of Great Things II, Atelier International Gallery, NYC, Curated by Carole Jones

Three Rivers Arts Festival, Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA, curated by Dan Cameron

Spare Parts, Marine Midland Bank, NYC, curated by Peggy Hadden
Article 2, Sec. 4; Art at the Polls, Limner Gallery & Brecht Forum, NYC, curated by Kevin O’Neill
Patterns & Repetitions, Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC, curated by Margot Norton & Rob Curcio
Auction Sale ‘Les Peintres au XX° Siècle’, Auction House Elkaim, L’Isle-Adam, curated by Michel Ozenne
FIAC ’84
, Galerie Jan de Maere, Grand Palais, Paris, curated by Jan de Maere & Michel Ozenne
Annual Roaring Fork Valley Exhibition, Jerome Gallery, Aspen, CO 
2016 — Cowboy’s Admiration and Cowboy’s Beautiful Demimondaine, for RDG Commercial Art Company, Pleasant Hill, CA
2015 — Aitherios II, for Leon Arcos Consultores, Barranquilla, Colombia
2011 — Aitherios, via Daun Curry (Modern Declaration) for Carmen Tal, NYC
Carmen Tal, NYC
Leon Arcos, Barranquilla, Colombia
RDG Commercial Art Company, Pleasant Hill, CA
Anne & Thierry Billenguerre, Paris, France
Bebe Mullaugh & Jeff Lynch, Harrisburg, PA
Jason Weiss & Irene Devlin, Brooklyn, NY
Ryan K. Hunter, NYC
Marc Borowski, Düsseldorf, Germany
Valérie Morel, NYC
Françoise & Jean-Pierre Morel, Grenoble, France
Francesca Sintoni, Florence, Italy
Denis Sochon, Paris, France
Jeff Natt, NYC
Andrea Broggian, Milan, Italy
Jana Herzen, NYC
Ricky K. Hsu, NYC
Nancy Hanrahan, Reston VA
Michael G. Wells, Skillman, NJ
Mr. & Mrs. David Rigon, Cachoeira do Sul, Brazil
Don Pullen, Passaic, NJ
Svetlana Dziouba, NYC
Michael Sennett, Chicago, IL
Ella Kogan, Fairlawn, NJ
Kimberly Sabo, NYC
Kelly Goddard, NYC
Herr & Frau Peter Krohmer, Meersburg, Germany
Nick Turner, NYC
Christine Bourron, Lyon, France
Belinda & Christian Porré, Paris, France
Kip Hanrahan, Reston VA
Charles & Karen Phillips, NYC
John Ososky, Washington DC
Alexander U. H. Schubert, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
M. & Mme. Chevry, Paris, France
George Rambaldi, Paris, France
Herr & Frau Hagen Beuger, Diemeringen, Germany
Gabriele Mirhoff, Hamburg, Germany

Gerald Schultz, Berlin, Germany
Holt Goddard, NYC
Nick Criscione, NYC

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